September 23, 2020

Download issue? New resolution with “JDM Download Reset”

Did this happen to you? You want to fly and a download issue arises! Check our new instant solution.

Main reasons for download issues which happen to all of us:

  • Issues during charts download, such as loss of connection causing a download to be used up which may leave the customer with no downloads available to retry.
  • Need to install charts on new avionics device but used all downloads on old device.
  • Avionics device fails to update appropriately so charts must be re-downloaded.

We are happy to introduce you now our self-help solution in our Jeppesen Distribution Manager:

“JDM Download Reset” request form

  • The form will show your active services, tails, serial numbers, etc.
  • Just select your service and a reason
  • Submit your online request
  • Find your download instantly in your JDM app upon refresh

No further need to wait for us picking up the phone or replying to your email – better to save your time and invest it in your passion: flying!

You can find the “JDM Download Reset” request form on Jeppesen’s Customer Support Portal or just save this link to your favorites:

Important: Please register or sign in once to to use this function. This registration is not the same registration you may use for JDM or for your online account.

One comment on "Download issue? New resolution with “JDM Download Reset”"

  • Miguel Escudero says:

    Great improvement!!!

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