Emissions Reporter – CH ETS

Emissions Reporter is expanding to accommodate a growing number of environmental regulations.  Following last year’s announcement that the Emission Trading Scheme for Switzerland (CH-ETS/Swiss ETS) will be linked to EU-ETS from 2020 onward, Emissions Reporter is undergoing changes to make sure it covers not just EU-ETS and CORSIA but also these latest developments on CH-ETS.


In addition, with the UK’s departure from the EU and the announcement of a new UK-ETS scheme, the Emissions Reporter team is planning how best to incorporate these changes in 2021 and ensure the product supports our customers with not one, two, or three but four separate schemes.


With so many different reporting requirements, now is a great time to look at how best to simplify your reporting process. To learn more about how Emissions Reporter can help you keep ahead of the game on carbon reporting, please visit our product page or contact one of our sales team directly.

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