October 21, 2020

Last Call: FliteStar/FliteMap and NavSuite discontinued DEC 2020

Effective December 31, 2020, Jeppesen will no longer offer VFR, IFR or Corporate versions of FliteStar/FliteMap or NavSuite/NavSuite MFD:

  • One-time customers should be aware that no further updates can be purchased.
  • Annual services cannot be renewed.

We are encouraging all FliteStar customers to adopt ForeFlight Mobile as their new flight planning solution. ForeFlight offers an innovative and integrated platform that matches or exceeds FliteStar capabilities, with features including flight plan syncing between mobile and web, interactive weather and much more.

If you are a current FliteStar customer, you may continue to use the solution until your subscription expires or until the end of the year, whichever comes first. If your subscription expires prior to December 31, you will no longer be able to renew your subscription.

See for yourself how ForeFlight Mobile can make flying easier, safer and more enjoyable by starting your 30-day free trial. Please note, the free trial is only available for current FliteStar customers who are new to ForeFlight. Visit here for more information and to start your free trial.

All the essentials for flying and with savings:

FliteStar IFR Europe one-time update:   188.00 Euro (plus local VAT)

ForeFlight Mobile 1 year service – Basic Plus:        94.99 Euro

ForeFlight Mobie 1 year service – Pro Plus:          179.99 Euro

Check the different features of all these versions: https://www.foreflight.com/pricing?currency=EUR

A reminder to European pilots flying VFR or IFR: Jeppesen charts can be viewed on a Jeppesen app as well as any version of ForeFlight. If you already have one of our Jeppesen charting solutions, including either JeppView or JeppView MFD or one of our Garmin PilotPak Bundles with charting with four installations outside the flight deck, you can use up to three installations in ForeFlight Mobile. If you want to add additional IFR or VFR coverage to your current Jeppesen charting subscription, please contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com.

If you need a replacement for NavSuite, please have a look at our June GA Newsletter where you also can find several examples how to save money with smart combinations of our JeppView (MFD) and ForeFlight Mobile.

As you transition to ForeFlight Mobile or have questions about other replacement options, please feel free to contact us at:

Jeppesen support for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia: fra-services@jeppesen.com 
ForeFlight support: team@foreflight.com

3 comments on "Last Call: FliteStar/FliteMap and NavSuite discontinued DEC 2020"

  • Flight Safety Training Center says:

    As Jeppesen obviously supports Apple products only, while many other companies support different hardware and operating systems, I am no longer interested in Jeppesen products.

  • Ron Dennison says:

    Foreflight is useless for PC’s or Android. You are leaving a huge degment of your former customers with no recommended alternative! I am very DISAPPOINTED!

  • Alex says:

    Need a solution for PC and Android.

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