October 21, 2020

New Jeppesen Customer Part 5: Need to make changes?

Here’s how we can assist with changes needed.

Generally you have two options for making many types of changes:

  • The easiest with immediate effect, which you can do anytime and from everywhere, via our new web shop: shop.jeppesen.com

(If you have never logged in to our new web shop, please have a look at our previous articles in English and Deutsch.

Types of changes

  1. Change of personal details
  • Customer name/account name: Please contact us if you want to change from a private name to a company name. This may result in a new account being issued. However, you may have a private account and a company account. Each account will need to be associated with two different, active email addresses.
  • Shipping address: you can add/change/delete full addresses or details of your address online by selecting “Account Details.”
  • Billing address: you can add/change/delete full addresses or details of your address online under “Account Details.” Please be aware that the VAT rate will vary based on your country selection, and if you have a VAT number (also see 3). You need to provide the address on your incorporation/tax document.
  • Financial data: you can store/edit/remove one or more credit cards via our web shop. For payments you can easily select and need to enter only the CVV. If your credit card is expired, please update the expiration date or provide a valid card number.
  • Contact details: please update your phone number(s) if you have (a) new one(s). Phone numbers can be important for orders where shipment is needed.
  • Email address: you can change your email address easily on our new web shop, after logging in and hitting the “person symbol” at “Change Email/User ID.”
  • Your current email address is generally also your username (as part of your credentials). If you change your email it will then become your primary contact email, and your new username for logging in to our new web shop, for JDM (Jeppesen Distribution Manager), MyJeppesen.com (for managing your installs), etc.
  • If you are changing your email and you are sharing your service(s) with others, please also inform them, as the previous login will no longer work.
  1. Change of “credentials” (login or username and password)
  • Email = Username: Please see in item 1 above.
  • Password: if you want to change your password, please follow the same instructions as for “forgot your password” at https://ww2.jeppesen.com/faq/ at “account and billing.”
  • If you want to connect your current Jeppesen account for the first time with our new web shop you will also find instructions at https://ww2.jeppesen.com/faq/ at “account and billing.”
  1. Changes to VAT Identification Number (VAT number)
  • Please contact us when you have a change related to a VAT number, as you are unable to make changes/updates to VAT numbers online.
  • If you received a renewal or invoice without your VAT number information, please inform us. It may take some time to verify your VAT number and to revise your renewal or invoice.
  • Please inform us any time you have a VAT number or a change in your VAT number so that we can verify and store it in our systems prior to any next renewal or invoice.
  • To get a successful verification of your VAT number you must use the address on your incorporation/tax document as your billing address.
  1. Change of your aircraft details and devices
  • As some of our services require your aircraft tail number and details, please provide them online under aircraft details or follow these instructions.
  • As precondition for some orders, please also provide your avionic system(s) at “My Devices” or follow these instructions.
  • Most of the Garmin services also require Garmin’s System ID to provide access to your services. Please check whether your device is affected and where to find your System ID(s). Please provide each System ID per device under “My Devices” on our web-shop. The System ID affects pure NavData services, navigation bundle services, navigation & charting bundle services (e.g. PilotPaks), trip kits and annual services.
  1. Service changes related to multiple unit classes
  • If you exchange or add additional devices (like Garmin AERA or apps on your iPad) we recommend contacting us to find the best configuration in our product landscape, as there may be some discounts that we can offer.
  • Related to your (changed) flying needs, it might be worthwhile to think about changing from one-time updates to annual services and/or from pure NavData services to price-reduced navigation bundles. Navigation & charting bundles are also available for the most popular Avidyne and Garmin avionic units.
  1. Changes of the region where you fly
  • Generally, the larger the coverage the less you pay in relation to smaller coverages.
  • If you want to fly only once or for a short period to an additional area, we offer trip kits (for charting) or one-time updates (for navigation), many available for direct purchase at shop.jeppesen.com.
  • If you need to fly at least twice to an additional area, the change from trip kits to an additional annual service always will save you money, especially, if a wider coverage makes more sense for you. Please contact us, as many options and details can be taken into consideration (such as additional service types, adjustment of service periods, etc.).
  1. Changes around paper services
  • Generally, if you still have a paper service for IFR and/or VFR terminal charts and want to change to one of our electronic services, we offer a 50% discount on the electronic service for the first year. Please contact us as paper coverages and electronic coverages do not offer always the same countries.
  • Paper enroute charts are an add-on service that could be purchased as additional service to JeppView/JeppView MFD. Alternatively, if you have a running paper enroute chart service and want to protect the environment and see some cost savings, please contact us to switch.
  1. Changes around service periods
  • If you have more than one service, you might prefer that all services end at the same date and that you will receive only one renewal invoice per year. This is also a way to avoid overlooking a renewal and suddenly have no valid service.
  • If you have several aircraft, you may prefer to have all with the same end date. Conversely, related to the renewal amount, you may wish to have different end dates per tail, but all services for the same tail with the same end date.
  • These cases happen many times if you order new services. Please contact us for any of these changes to make your life more convenient and safe.
  1.  Changes to invoices related to discount entitlements
  • If you are an active member with one of our partners, you are entitled to those discounts arranged with your organization. Please check directly with your organization regarding these benefits.
  • We need to verify that your membership is active at the moment of purchase or renewal. Therefore, please send us your membership number, which we will use to verify with your organization. Or you may also submit a photo of your membership card with name and expiration date or a document proving your current membership payment.
  • If you want to place a new order, please contact us beforehand with your membership proof or check on our web shop whether you can purchase directly using a special code provided by your organization.
  • In terms of renewal invoices, our system cannot automatically, at this time, reflect discount schemes. Also as most memberships are on a yearly basis, related to our cooperation partners’ arrangements, we need to verify whether a membership is active. Please contact us at once after you get an undiscounted renewal invoice with the proof of your active membership and we will send you a modified renewal invoice. This process may take some time, so please be patient and notify us as soon as possible.
  • Please understand that we can grant only one discount per order. If you want to change from a current paper service to one of our electronic services plus having an active membership we are able to make an exception and offer both discounts.
  • Before you change your charting provider, please note that Jeppesen charting services purchased from Jeppesen but used in the apps of our partners such as ForeFlight and Garmin are entitled to these membership discounts, as these discounts have been arranged for your benefit as a valued Jeppesen customer.
  1. Change installations on different apps and devices
  • Related to your electronic service type, you could have one or four installations available. Each software or app on a device will use one installation. For example, while having a JeppView service (with four installations available) you can use one iPad for our Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (1st installation), a 2nd iPad as backup with ForeFlight Mobile (2nd installation) and Garmin Pilot (3rd installation) and still have the 4th installation for your Windows software JeppView on a normal PC for convenient printing.
  • If you need to exchange an installation, please do not delete the app, but deactivate your installation on the device, so that our server can free this used installation up and you can re-activate installs within other apps and/or other devices.
  • If you want to exchange an installation, while not having the device at hand, please go to myjeppesen.com, get access with your credentials (for details see GA Newsletter September), go to “manage installs” and manage your installs there.
  • If you do not have (a) free installation(s) a service or app will not be accessible or updated. In Mobile FD you then might get an “Error 130” message. In this case, please manage your current devices at myjeppesen.com
  • Alternatively find easy help at our tech support page at: support.jeppesen.com/ or contact at +49 6102 50 82 70 (24 hours, 365 days in English).
  1. Changes between different electronic service types

Various reasons could make changes needed:

  • More or less devices needed
  • More or less pilots share a service
  • More or less software or applications should be used parallel and as backup
  • Additional mobile device to be added or removed, example Garmin’s AERA
  • From a pure charting service to a charting service plus charting display in your Avionic
  • From a pure navigation service for your cockpit to a bundle service with navigation and charting
  • Smaller or bigger coverage needed, which are not identically available for all electronic services
  • IFR or VFR or IFR & VFR charting, which are not identical in terms of countries included for all electronic services

These examples show change needs, where you change from/to a single install or JeppView or JeppView MFD or AERA with or without JeppView, Avidyne Service Suites, Garmin PilotPaks or ForeFlight-Jeppesen combinations.

Changing from one electronic service to another will also change the serial number that manages your access. After a change, if you have not received your new number and need to install on a computer, please find all your serial numbers on your account in our web shop under “My Subscriptions.”

Please check our web shop or, as some needs are very complex, please contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com with your most detailed flying needs so we may offer you the best and most economical solution.

  1. Change of update medium
  • Generally you get your updates from your software or app via the internet.
  • If you have issues with internet connectivity, stability, download times, etc. we are able to send you a DVD. If you have permanent internet issues, we also can setup as exception a DVD service (which causes a shipment surcharge and sometimes delays, especially in Covid-19 times and postal services).
  • If you change to a new computer, please contact us to send you the latest link with the software and the data from which you can install, and related to your coverages, the affected coverage codes of the current AIRAC cycle.
  • If you have a Garmin navigation service that you are updating via our tool JDM (Jeppesen Distribution Manager) and you saved your Garmin System ID in your account on our web shop under “Your Devices” and your download fails, you may do as many further downloads as you wish.

In case of any questions or topics that have not been addressed in this summary, please do not hesitate to contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com

Topics in previous Newsletters, in case you missed them: product range – coverages – why choosing Jeppesen – access to your data.

Please stay tuned or contact us.

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