September 4, 2015

Beijing teams with Boeing China to help orphan children

The team in Beijing participated in a charity activity together with Boeing China called ‘Take Love with Us’. The employees donated paper, books, pens and toys for orphan children living in a village called Sunvillage.

According to their website, Sunvillage “takes care of the children of Chinese convicts who do not qualify for social welfare from the government. They get left behind by their parents without any money or education and worst of all, without any parental love.  At the same time, they can receive unfavorable treatment in society due to their family background. On their own, the children would be left without shelter. Some work as shepherds, some beg for money and food, and many would be abandoned and possibly abused by their relatives. Given this situation, it’s not surprising that some children turn to crime, just as their parents have done. At Sunvillage, we accommodate these children before it’s too late and bring them into a stable and loving family.”

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